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Mark Germino

Mark Germino has long been lauded as one of Nashville’s finest songwriting talents. Coming to Nashville in the mid 1970s from North Carolina, he began his songwriting career, transforming his original craft of poetry and spoken word performance into song. His live performances now blend the two, some have even called him a cult figure. His ability to craft verse became supported when he purchased a guitar and with that instrument, he went on to create a large catalogue of songs recorded by influential artists including: God Ain’t No Stained Glass Window (Johnny Cash), Broken Man’s Lament (Emmylou Harris), I Will Stand (Kenny Chesney), Ace Up Your Pretty Sleeve (Vince Gill) and so many more. He has also toured the world with his former band The Sluggers and his record, with that band; Radartown, has received world-wide critical acclaim for its reflective, poignant lyrics that are true poetry and storytelling at its best. A Mark Germino live performance combines all this in a unique and unparalleled experience. 

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