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Billy Bob and The Boxmasters's Photo

Billy Bob and The Boxmasters

In 2007, J.D. Andrew and Bud Thornton started a project that mixed early ‘60’s Hillbilly music and the British Invasion and called the band “The Boxmasters.” Now 10 years later, J.D., Bud, and Teddy Andreadis have released 7 albums (most double LP’s), toured across the U.S. and Canada multiple times, and now preparing to cross the country again for the “Tea Surfing Tour.”
  2016 proved to be a productive year for The Boxmasters. “Boys And Girls...And The World” was released in August, followed closely by “Tea Surfing” in late November. Joining The Boxmasters on this album are friends such as Jeff “Skunk” Baxter, Kevin Eubanks and longtime collaborators Jon Rauhouse, Brad Davis and Kirk McKim. The 21 songs showcase the band’s love of English Mod bands and bands from Southern California in the ‘60’s.
  The “Tea Surfing Tour” starts in Southern California on April 4th at the Belly Up Tavern in Solano Beach and runs through May 9th in Palmer Lake, Colorado. Highlight stops include The Washington Correspondent’s Jam in Washington D.C., The Exit Inn in Nashville, The Douglass Theater in Macon, Georgia and band favorite The Merrimack Hall in Huntsville, Alabama. There the band donates the proceeds from the concert to programs at Merrimack Hall that benefit special needs children and adults.
  After 10 years, The Boxmasters show no signs of slowing down, and are actually more productive than ever. A new album is almost completed which should be available in the fall of 2017.

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