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Devil Killing Moth * Cassette Tape * PuraPharm * Some Bird (8pm)

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Rudyard's British Pub 2010 Waugh Dr Houston, TX 77006


Devil Killing Moth (Houston, TX)

Based out of Houston, Texas, Devil Killing Moth started as a two piece acoustic band from the minds of Dan Oviedo and Anton De Guzman. The sound is original, spacey, and very deep, with a blend of guitar effects and vocal melodies coming from a 12 string acoustic and a resonator. Recently added member Ryan Gilbraith on drums, the sound formed a complete infusion of energy and sound. Already setting a good following in Houston, New Orleans, and Austin, they hope to spread more of their music to those open to hear them. Releasing their second album “11″ they have transformed from a simple but emotionally driven thought to an intriguing experience worth capturing.

Since the album’s release, Devil Killing Moth has appeared on Houston’s Alternative Scream TV show, and has received airplay on local Pacifica Radio, KPFT, WTUL, and various online stations such as Local Live Houston. And also performing for wonderful causes like Sidewalk Project, and benefit shows. No boundaries are set, as Devil Killing Moth continues spread the word of their music.


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Cassette Tape ( Houston, TX)

Everything has a beginning. Sometimes the beginning is not a definite date, but more of a cosmic event that transpires over a period of time. What started off as friends just jamming and creating musical fusion became something quite special. And when lyrics where twisted and crunched into the emotive sounds, it was good. It was too good to keep within the four walls of their practice room…

Matt Cash and Louis Morales (each guitars, vocals) ventured out with guitars and a desire to “just play songs live.” The pair headed to a bar in Galveston and talked their way into a 30 minute set that included originals and inspired cover songs. The half hour turned into owning the stage all night and regular gigs being booked.

Cash and Morales admittedly “bugged” Cam Rowe (bass) constantly to join them. It’s evident at this point that it isn’t easy to deny Cash and Morales as their negotiating skills are strong. Rowe joined the band. Rounding out the line-up are Noe Molina (drums,) Marc Borde (guitar, vocals,) and David “4” (percussion.)

Cassette Tape can be described as indescribable. It’s more about the experience, than the genre. The band members are fans of music in general and the passion is expressed through the musical connection between them and the audience. In fact, the meaning behind the band name is simple. Cassette Tape was born based on all of the good music that influenced them was listened to from a cassette tape. Plus the name “Cassette Tape” was catchier than the name “The Vinyl Band.”

Their influences are wide ranging from classic rock, modern heavy rock, to Spanish folk music. All of this forms the building blocks to the experimental, hip hop, progressive reggae that has the band flexing their musical muscles into a unique sound.

Cassette Tape is more than a jam band with an EP. They are a tight knit group of musicians who thrive on spontaneity and improvisation. At each performance, their strengths are brought to the fore-front as the songs performed are being chiseled away at and refined. “It’s an organic experience,” says Molina


 (Houston, TX)

Purapharm is the vision of, and was formed by, long-time singer/songwriter/guitarist, Tessa. She is now joined by bassist, and husband, Paul Adams, Niki Sims on saxophone and clarinet, and Anthony “Buffalo” Rodriguez on the beat machine, vocals, keyboards and guitar. Paul and Tessa are also the founding members of their former band, 61-Cygni ( ), and they released two cd’s, “Binaural Beatings” and “Playing In The Halocline”. They played numerous shows in 61-Cygni, making a solid and original impression on the Houston music scene.

With Purapharm, they have maintained the wall of spaciousness provided by Tessa’s guitars & vocals and Paul’s thunderin’ bass groove foundations, but also added the soothing melodies of Niki’s horns and Buffalo’s hypnotic rhythms & melodies. The sound is toned down an iota from the 61-Cygni sound and is slightly more meditative, yet still maintaining the influences of bands like Curve, The Church, My Bloody Valentine, Cocteau Twins & Sonic Youth to name a few, that were ever-so present in 61-Cygni.

Purapharm is currently in the studio and in the pre-production stages of work on their debut release.



Some Bird (Sorry, No verifiable information on line)

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Devil Killing Moth * Cassette Tape * PuraPharm * Some Bird (8pm)
Saturday, May 04, 2013 10:00 PM
Rudyard's British Pub, Houston, TX
  • 21 & over
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