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Tyrone Wells, Jomar Jay and Katie Ohh

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Saint Rocke 142 Pacific Coast Highway Hermosa Beach, CA 90254

Tyrone Wells:

Tyrone Wells' fourth full-length album, Where We Meet, ushers in a new beginning for the critically acclaimed singer-songwriter. Not only is it his first full-length release since leaving a major label, it signifies his next evolution. Embracing both sides of his sound, Wells seamlessly balances acoustic vulnerability and pop rock irresistibility over the course of eleven unforgettable anthems. Ultimately, Where We Meet is the perfect place for Wells to start anew while keeping the same ethic that has won him his loyal fan base from his early independent days.

The journey to Where We Meet actually began on the high seas in 2010. He was playing The Rock Boat, an annual floating festival that travels from Tampa, FL to Cozumel, Mexico. Out on the ship in the middle of the ocean, he had an epiphany. With two lauded major label releases under his belt—Hold On [2006] and Remain [2009]—and countless high-profile film and TV placements including American Idol, One Tree Hill, Vampire Diaries, Rescue Me, Grey's Anatomy, My Sister's Keeper, Something Borrowed and more, Wells felt the urge to go independent again.

"I was thinking about my relationship with my record label," he recalls. "I didn't feel like they were capitalizing on the momentum that I had. So I wrote this long letter to my manager that I wanted to part ways with the label. When we reached port the next morning, my manager told me that the label actually just ended the relationship. Talk about serendipity! It's like a relationship where both parties want to go their separate ways. After that, I didn't have to worry about anyone else's timelines and concerns. I could just focus on making a great record."

Free from any constraints, Wells started working on that "great record" by penning over 80 songs. In the middle of that process, he managed to release the digital EP, Metal & Wood in 2010. Metal & Wood spent nearly three weeks at #1 on the iTunes Singer/Songwriter chart and debuted at #14 on the Billboard Heatseekers Chart. Inspired immensely, he feverishly kept writing, experimenting, and pushing himself for almost two years. Taking his time in the studio, Wells worked diligently with two producers Thomas Doeve and Bill Lefler. The result is Where We Meet. "I always wanted to make an album that was both sparse and intimate but also had these epic moments," he says of the sound. "I love singer-songwriter albums that are vulnerable, but I'm also drawn to big, epic rock music. The record really is a meeting place between those two. I truly tried to incorporate both of those flavors. For the first time, I feel like I accomplished it."

You can hear it on the album's first single "Freedom." A sunny acoustic guitar and handclaps resound as Wells delivers one of his catchiest choruses yet. It's energetic, upbeat, and utterly undeniable. About the song, he reveals, "I was listening to a lot of Simon & Garfunkel, and I wanted to write something upbeat. I was hoping they'd peek into the room and inspire me."

He continues, "So often, we try to hold on to things that aren't working. When you open up your hands and let things go, they come back to you—maybe not even in the way you expect. As an independent artist, I have the freedom to do anything. I feel like this is a fitting opening to the album."

On the other end of the spectrum is the pensive, powerful, and poetic, "I Can't Save You Now." Wells says goodbye as gorgeous instrumentation bristles in the background.

"I was crazy about this girl in college, but she was always in the middle of some sort of crisis," he remembers. "At some point, I realized I can't fix her and her problems. I couldn't be in a relationship in that capacity because it was making me totally nuts. I had never felt so ungrounded. That's what the song talks about."

The title track sums everything up for him though. He goes on, "It delves into all of the madness and chaos of the world right now. There's so much in life that we can't control, but we can control how we treat each other. The heart of the record can be encapsulated in the closing lyric of Where We Meet: 'Take my hand, all we have is a moment, so hold nothing back.'"

In some ways, Where We Meet brings Wells back to where it all began. Being independent again is like going back to his roots, except this time it is selling out venues, rather than coffee shops. He's carving his own path. "I'm not in music so I can get rich," he declares. "I have what I need and more. The aim for me isn't to get famous. The aim is to make great music that I can stand by."

With his first baby on the way and Where We Meet dropping this spring, he certainly has a lot to stand by. Wells concludes, "I'm doing what I love and if my art resonates with other people, I'm happy. I love it when someone tells me that my music is the soundtrack to their lives. I hope I can continue to provide that."

Where We Meet is just the beginning…

Katie Ohh:

She’s the small town girl with a big voice: Meet Katie Ohh, whose powerhouse vocals, musical authenticity and spotlight-ready charisma signal the arrival of an ascending and essential new artist. On her self-titled EP, she introduces a captivating sound that is part country, part rock and all Katie Ohh.  From Powhatan Point, Ohio, situated between Captina Creek and the Ohio River, Katie Ohh has made the giant career leap to Los Angeles. Now in her early twenties, she established herself back home with performances in clubs, concerts (including the famous “Jamboree in the Hills” festival) and with successive appearances on the legendary Wheeling Jamboree broadcast on WWVA - the second longest running radio show in the history of American radio. Obviously, a move to Nashville – where she had visited many times – would have been the more obvious career choice, but Katie knew that would come in time. When Katie journeyed to California she met musical friends, played great gigs and made the fateful decision to live in in Los Angeles. For her debut EP, she and producer Dan Weidlein crafted a distinctive framework to surround her evocative voice and sterling songs, including an epic string section worthy of a symphony orchestra. But while these sounds are dramatic, they never overshadow the artistry of Katie Ohh; the sincerity of her melodies and the revelations within her narratives. She says that the truth is in the telling. “When I sing, the best way to tell the story is to think about the words. The listener can tell when you mean it or you don’t.”  Discreetly tattooed on the inside of Katie’s arm is the Latin phrase “Alis volat propriis” which translates as “she flies with her own wings.” It is a fitting declaration of the determination that transported her from a tiny town in Ohio to the entertainment crossroads of the world. “It makes me crazy not to be doing something,” she concludes “I’m not the type of person to sit back and wait for things to come to me. I want audiences to understand that I’m a country girl, but I have eclectic musical elements within my sound. And I want everyone to know that good things are coming in the very near future.”

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  • Tyrone Wells

    Tyrone Wells

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    Katie Ohh

  • Jomar Jay

    Jomar Jay

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  • 06:30 PM - Katie Ohh
  • 07:10 PM - Jomar Jay
  • 08:05 PM - Tyrone Wells

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Tyrone Wells, Jomar Jay and Katie Ohh
Sunday, July 15, 2012 6:30 PM to 6:30 PM
Saint Rocke, Hermosa Beach, CA
  • 21 & over
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