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SLPRCLL / Earbits Present: Rebel Doctors Listening Party ft. Ozy Reigns and Brian Ashton

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  • Door Time: 8:00 PM
  • Show Type: Rap & Hip/Hop
  • Restrictions: 21 & over

Central SAPC 1348 14th St Santa Monica, CA 90404

Brian Ashton: In a city as well known as Los Angeles, little is known about the more positive side of the town. Many people from all over the world fly to Los Angeles with intentions of having their dreams come true. While all is possible, Los Angeles is yet to produce a hometown artist that can represent the city to its fullest. Brian Ashton aka Young Fean has been representing Los Angeles since his first record deal at the age of 16 and possesses all qualities that a true star needs to put the “City of Angels” on the map. Brian Ashton aka Young Fean is a born and raised resident of Los Angeles, California, or what we like to call “The Palmside”. Diversity has always played a key role in movements that Brian Ashton has been a part of seeing how he is mixed. His mother (white) a citizen of Montreal, Canada, his father (black) born and raised in Crenshaw, California allowed Young Fean to see the world differently from most people his age group. Growing up in an area that is only 15 minutes away from all of LA’S hottest spots has created views that have noticeably matured Fean to be one of Los Angele’s youngest and most successful Artists/Businessman. Growing up in the Palmside has caused Fean to see what he considers “both sides” of life, the glamorous rich and famous lifestyle as well as the poor and homeless lifestyle. While he comes from a middle class family, Brian Ashton has seen himself with no house to call home being evicted twice within a few years. He has vowed never to be that down in life again and was forced to mature rather quickly. Giving up a lot of his childish ways at such a young age caused Young Fean to miss out on normal teenage activities which formed a more professional Brian Ashton. In 2007 during his junior year in high school, Young Fean was given the chance of a lifetime. Known for his talents to freestyle and song write, Young Fean was offered his first record deal by an independent label, Jaded Ent, to be a member of the skate/rap group better known as The Boardbangers .The Boardbangers quickly created a buzz around Los Angeles and emerged as one of the top new talents around, recognized by a feature in a 2008 XXL magazine article. Having their single, "Cause the Beats Hot" play on television shows such as BET's 106 and Park as well as having their video as a regular on BET’s Rap City The Basement was the start of a rap/skate movement that eventually lead to clothing lines, a skate team, and a buzz that was sweeping from Los Angeles to the East coast. The Boardbangers were best known for transitioning skateboard culture and Hip Hop all in one. Young Fean was once quoted saying, “I’m universal with my music! I’m simply just trying to show the world the views of a young male born in the heart of Los Angeles. I came from nothing and it’s hard to make something…Especially in Los Angeles." This quote truly reflects Brian Ashton’s thoughts toward the music he makes. Unfortunately because the legal side of the rap industry, the album was never released although on their website, there were music videos for every track. Still, Young Fean is thankful for the opportunity to travel and to have met and worked with so many artists. Giving his all to his first deal just to see it go to waste has sparked a flame deep from within to push his own project and establish himself as on the greatest mc’s of all time. After an inspiring yet painful divorce with his group and their record label, Brian Ashton is expecting to drop his debut EP in March 2012 as well as the launch of his website, This time, he is doing it his way with his Palmside team. The Palmside team consists of Brian Ashton, the rapper, Matt Mega, the producer, and Alex Shamji, the manager. Brian Ashton is planning to show the world the views of a young male born and raised in Los Angeles just trying his best to stay positive and become successful. While many California artists try to represent Los Angeles, they actually stay in outer parts of the city such as Long Beach, Compton, or Inglewood. The actual city of Los Angeles may have finally found their hometown artist, and a new sound coming out the Palmside will soon be heard by the world.
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  • Rebel Doctors

    Rebel Doctors

  • Brian Ashton

    Brian Ashton

  • Ozy Reigns

    Ozy Reigns

Set Times:
  • 09:30 PM - Brian Ashton
  • 10:30 PM - Ozy Reigns
  • TBD - Rebel Doctors

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SLPRCLL / Earbits Present: Rebel Doctors Listening Party ft. Ozy Reigns and Brian Ashton
Wednesday, June 20, 2012 9:00 PM to 9:00 PM
Central SAPC, Santa Monica, CA
  • 21 & over
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